PhoeniX-Files Report #1: The X-Conference

The first report will be a series of transcripts of the talks and workshops given at the X-Conference, an historic event that occurred April 17th & 18th 2004, in Gaithersburg, MD just outside Washington, DC. Many reputable speakers presented spectacular documentation of the "Alternate Reality" behind the UFO Coverup. See:

X-Conference organizer Stephen Bassett states:

"Paradigm Research Group brought together in the Washington metro area the most powerful group of speakers ever assembled to focus on the governmental, political and media aspects of 50+ years of extraterrestrial engagement and societal denial. And to make things more interesting, it held this conference right in the middle of the 2004 presidential primary season. Collectively, the 25 X-Conference speakers from 5 countries hold enough knowledge of government involvement with extraterrestrial phenomena and the truth embargo to end the cover-up tomorrow. All it would take is for the political leaders and the political media to pay attention. The purpose of this conference was to get their attention. It did."

X-Conference Report #1: The Legacy of 1952; Year of the UFO

The X-Conference presenter featured here is Dr. Bruce Maccabee, a physicist, pianist and prominent UFO analyst and author.

His UFO research and investigations include the Kenneth Arnold sighting (Jun 24, 1947), the McMinnville, Oregon (Trent) photos of 1950, the Gemini 11 astronaut photos of September, 1966, the New Zealand sightings of December, 1978, the Japan Airlines (JAL1628) sighting of November 1986, the numerous sightings of Ed Walters and others in Gulf Breeze, Florida, 1987 - 1988, the "red bubba" sightings,1990-1992 (including his own sighting in September, 1991), the Mexico City video of August, 1997, the Phoenix lights sightings of March 13, 1997 at 10 PM and many others. He has also done historical research and was the first to obtain the "flying disc file" of the FBI (the REAL X-Files!).


More than fifty years ago during the most amazing flap of sightings in the USA (and the world), the Air Force almost publicly admitted that at least some of the objects seen during sightings of UFO sightings could be objects that were literally "from out of this world." However, when that opportunity arose during a large press conference in late July, 1952, instead of admitting that the Air Force couldn't explain all sightings and that some "high officials" were seriously considering the "interplanetary hypothesis," the Air Force, represented by General John A. Samford, Director of Intelligence, said that everything could be explained as natural phenomena, effectively slamming the lid down on the UFO subject. But what the Air Force said privately was a different matter. This report tells "the rest of the story" of that amazing year and how the events of that year have had an impact on the history of UFO investigation that even continue today.

THE LEGACY OF 1952; YEAR OF THE UFO (continued)

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