Glimpses of Disclosure

Since the modern age of Ufology began in 1947 there have been a number of occasions when people representing various segments of the government have approached people in the media and in the UFO community. They have offered up clear glimpses of information that indicate the UFO phenomenon is and extraterrestrial phenomena and that the government has known it right from the beginning.

The importance of these government approaches is that the government was not required to do it. They simply could have continued to carry on as if nothing had happened.

I am not going to spend my time dwelling on the possible government motives for these glimpses. My intention is simply to list the examples and allow interested people to discuss it later. The possible reasons for what is going on include,

o Steering investigators away from the truth.
o Undermining the credibility of subject and researcher.
o Controlling the researcher and the flow of leaks on UFOs, or a controlled way of releasing the truth behind the phenomena while keeping control.

Finally, before I begin I would like to mention that I think they are two different methods used by government to get the information out. The Democrats appeared to make direct efforts to force out the documents and stories. The republicans, on the other hand, appeared to use back door cloak and dagger methods to get out the word.

Now, let me move on to brief glimpses of disclosure that began to appear at the end of the Truman and beginning of the Eisenhower administration.

The first person to be closely tied into government for glimpses into what was going on was the famous contactee George Adamski. He claimed to have had a number of contacts inside government who helped "cooperate in the collection attempt to get photographs of the strange craft moving through space." Adamski listed a group of government contacts and special government privileges he had been granted.

o An association with 4 U.S government scientists from Point Loma Naval Electronic Laboratory.
o An association with a similar group of scientists in Pasadena.
o Adamski's key contact outside the United States was a former intelligence officer with the British Army.
o According to a source of Jacques Vallee's - in Australia Adamski was traveling on a passport bearing special privileges.
o Adamski claimed he had a pass to enter the White House.

Very clearly involved in this early disclosure initiative was movie producer Walt Disney. The story of the incident was told by one of his key animators Ward Kimball.

At the 1979 MUFON UFO symposium in San Francisco, Kimball told how the American government had approached Walt Disney, prior to the Soviet Sputnik launch, to make a UFO documentary. The reason given to Disney for the documentary was to help acclimatize the American people to the reality of extraterrestrials.

Kimball stated in the speech that around 1955 or 1956 the USAF contacted Walt Disney. They asked him to cooperate on a documentary about UFOs. As a part of the deal, the USAF offered to supply actual UFO footage, which Disney would be allowed to use in his film.

According to Kimball's account of events Disney went along with the USAF plan, which was not that unusual. The use of Walt Disney cartoons, after all had been suggested by the 1953 CIA Robertson UFO panel as part of a public-education program involving the mass media to "strip the UFO phenomenon of its special status and eliminate the aura of mystery it has acquired." Once Walt Disney had finished his meetings with the USAF, he began to work on the requested UFO documentary for the public. He asked his animators to think up what an alien would look like. Meanwhile, he waited for the Air Force to deliver on the promised film.

After some period of time the Air Force re-contacted Disney and told him the film offer had to be withdrawn. There would be no UFO footage as promised.

Kimball told researcher Stanton Friedman that once he found out there would be no delivery of UFO film; he personally spoke with an Air Force Colonel who told him, "There indeed was plenty of UFO footage, but that neither Ward, nor anyone else, was going to get access to it." This caused Disney to end the UFO documentary project.

Recent information indicates that Disney may actually have gotten some film and didn't use it. This story comes from a prominent UK photographer Mike Maloney. Mike Maloney is the Group Chief Photographer at Mirror Group Newspapers, a fellow with both the Royal Photographic Society and the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Maloney has won many awards, 96 by one count, including Press Photographer of the Year three times. In the 1970s, Maloney was dining with the head of Disney, and four of the original nine Disney animators while on a trip to the Disney Corporation in Los Angeles. While this was going on Maloney was introduced to another man, identified in one account a "well-known Disney employee."

The man offered to show Maloney some unusual film footage at his house. When Maloney saw it he described it as "old footage of UFOs," and "two beings that he was told were aliens." UFO investigator Georgina Bruni interviewed Mike Maloney about his early 1970s encounter at Disney. She described what Maloney told her about the aliens he had been shown on the film:

One, which appeared to be dead, was laid out on a table - or slab, the other was clearly alive and moving around on the floor. He was given no information as to the source of the footage, which he was told was "top secret", but he was in no doubt that it was a genuine piece of old film. Mike described it as being similar to the alien autopsy footage that had been shown on television. At no time did he say it was the same, just similar. Of the footage he personally viewed, he said: 'If the film that I saw was a fake, it was a brilliant fake.'

At exactly the same time as Disney was being offered his UFO film for a documentary the USAF was busy helping Clarence Greene and Russell Rouse to produce a 92-minute documentary titled "UFO" was released in May 1956.

Three top Air Force USAF officials Albert M. Chop, Major Dewey J. Fournet, Captain Edward Ruppelt, provided technical assistance to Greene and Rouse. The three key officials had many meeting with the producers. Greene told researcher Robert Barrow:

"Together we went into a lengthy and exhaustive study of reports, various documents and affidavits of UFO sightings and reports from radar experts which, with some heretofore top secret motion pictures, in color, of flying saucers, form the basis of the film."

Most importantly Greene and Rouse obtained two key UFO films. The two films, both showing daytime UFOs in flight were the Great Falls (Montana film which showed two objects) and the Tremonton (Utah film which showed 12 objects). The films had been analyzed and presented to the CIA Robertson UFO Panel in January 1953 as the best photographic evidence held by the USAF related to UFOs. Following their appearance at the Robertson panel the Air Force chose to keep the two films classified. Just in time for the documentary the films were suddenly declassified.

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