X-Conference Report #3: Glimpses of Disclosure

Grant Cameron is a Canadian who became involved in extraterrestrial-related phenomena research in May 1975 with a personal sighting near Carman, Manitoba about 25 miles north of the Canada-US border. Over the next 18 months hundreds of sightings were reported, and Grant spent months photographing a series of strange objects and interviewing hundreds of witnesses who were involved. Thus began a 28 years commitment to the subject.

After composing a manuscript about the 1975-76 sightings, he moved on to research the work of the legendary Wilbert B. Smith. Smith headed up the Canadian government's flying saucer investigation known as Project Magnet, which ran from 1950 to 1954. Over two decades Cameron was able to collect most of Smith's files and written materials. He interviewed most of the associates around Smith who worked on the flying saucer investigation. He produced a CD-Rom data disk with most of the documents from the Smith files along with 12 hours of audio related to Smith's work.

During the Smith research Grant learned of the former Penn State University president Dr. Eric Walker, who was identified by Dr. Robert Sarbacher as a key person inside the Cover-up. Cameron teamed up with T. Scott Crain to research and write UFOs, MJ-12, and the Government published by MUFON.

Cameron then turned his research interests to the relationship of U.S. Presidents to the extraterrestrial issue. He made 13 trips to the U.S. National Archives and most of the Presidential archives looking for relevant documents. A major contribution of his work was a FOIA submission to the White House Office of Science and Technology which yielded nearly 1,000 pages of disclosure documents from the Clinton administration.


Glimpses of Disclosure looks at the other side of the cover up. The public's general impression is that of a government which hid away the facts surrounding extraterrestrials and refused to release anything. Those controlling the secret have been painted as evil men who have contempt for the truth and for the people's right to know.

"Glimpses of Disclosure" will tell a more complicated story. Those who kept the secrets were men of good will who agonized over releasing the truth. Concerned over the impact of complete disclosure, they took a middle position of carefully releasing the story of the U.S. government's role without allowing anyone to obtain a critical mass of information. Those who controlled the secrets have on a number of occasions purposely released key pieces of the UFO story into the public consciousness through a mixed process of disclosure and disinformation. Examples include:

- Film shown or promised to key film and documentary producers, which was pulled at the last moment. These offers included film of UFOs and possibly live and dead aliens that was made to Walt Disney in 1955 or 1956.
- The story the notorious Holloman Air Force Base film footage that was a filmed encounter of a meeting between Air Force officials and a landed flying saucer at Holloman Air Force Base. The offers of this film were made to film producer Robert Manager who was "officially" approached by the Pentagon to produce a documentary on UFOs. Also offered the film was writer/producer Linda Moulton Howe for a UFO documentary she was doing in the mid eighties for HBO. Others approached included Jacques Vallee and J. Allen Hynek who were offered the film by General Glen E. Miller, a Reagan appointee who happened to have gotten Reagan his first Hollywood movie contract years earlier.
- Reports of offers made to researchers and documentary film producers of a live alien being held in captivity.
- Documents leaked by U.S. Intelligence officials written off by many as hoaxes, but which clearly tell about key elements of the UFO story confirmed through other sources. Glimpses of Disclosure will also look at the efforts of various presidents to release elements of the UFO story, or who actually tried to initiate a complete disclosure. The efforts of the Carter and Clinton administrations will be the focus of this section.


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