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This article will present the concept of the "sensitive" or clairvoyant as the primary investigator rather than as the implement of a separate individual playing the role of "analyst" of verbal or graphic data provided by a clairvoyant or dowser. The focus will be on direct contemporary experience of the author and other sensitive investigators along with historical accounts of those who tried a variety of investigative and alchemical techniques.

Actually, this model of using the whole mind/body system, and "both sides of the brain" is the original model for the European mental magician or Medieval "sorcerer" and for the traditional Tibetan Buddhist practitioner. The true 'alchemical fusion" takes place within the psyche of the individual and not within regimented activities between individuals attempting to achieve synergistic union by becoming as different from each other as possible. The fact is that this rigid division into male/female or right/left brain stereotypes presents in most cases a painfully redundant and paradoxical situation which literally stops the wheels of progress in true open-ended investigations.

The process of going beyond raw intuition will be explored in terms of specific "trial and error" instances when the original information was correct but incompletely understood by those interpreting the data. In certain cases, the practical key to unlocking the raw data is within the memory and/or associative mindstate of the clairvoyant, and is not constructively accessible to an analyst "outside the unified mind" of the clairvoyant percipient.

On the other hand, the sensitive investigator may make a mistake by not fully acknowledging the "absurd" inner associations with a word or location perceived by esp and/or clairvoyance. Specific instances of these "associative mistakes" made both by withholding "absurd" data and by ignoring "too obvious" associations will be discussed . For, as in the "alchemical" systems of all cultures, the inner examination of the mind/body state of the person rendering the information is essential to correct results-whether these desired results are in the area of genuine "wonder working" or genuine investigation.

Both investigations of a scientific nature and situational investigations involving anomalies research and crime detection will be discussed. Also, the option of withholding information on judgment of the investigator will be discussed in ethical context. When does the individual have the right to remain silent on controversial or damaging results and when does the individual have the ethical right to "flag" authorities on specific findings?


The standard Western paradigm in using spirit mediumship as embodied in the Enochian angel magick explorations of John Dee and Edward Kelly (i) is that there will be two persons, an intuitive and an analyst, commonly understood to be the female and male polarities of the arrangement. However, it has often been observed, particularly in instances wherein the nominally "intuitive" or more diffuse personality becomes the channel for a "royal" or "mythic" force and/or identity, that this arrangement can go far afield of any actual, practical application. For usually it is the materially-distinguished Ph.D. or financially capable querent who is "consulting" an individual who is assumed to be "less" materially but who has "gifts" for which s/he is being employed, either for money or voluntary prestige.

Under these circumstances, it can be easily understood that subtly the intuitive will want to "turn the tables" on the distinguished analyst. Thus we see the "channel" assuming royal or mythic personalities. These "personalities of power" will then want to be in charge of the bank accounts, material, sexual and emotional affairs of the nominally (culturally or materially) "superior" analyst (ii) because the "intuitive" is seen as having "secret knowledge".

Thus we see Soldier of Fortune Edward Kelly leading the Navigator Dr. John Dee on a wild goose chase throughout mid-17th century Poland whilst Dee's library at home on his estate in England is torched by local people unhappy with Dr. Dee's absence. Also, we see Dr. Dee suddenly engaged in wife swapping by "inspired suggestion" of "angels" channeled by the roguish Kelly. It is a subtle sub-plot also of these eccentric "angel communications" that negative force moving through the irrational, jealous hostility of the rogue intuitive gives advice perhaps cleverly suggested to debase the "fancy" attributes of a civilized situation involving conjugal and fiscal responsibility.

In the situation of experiments with mediumship associated with the Essalen Institute, for example, we see "The Nine" working through the body/mind system of a female sensitive and claiming to be ancient royalty from "Heliopolis" with philosophical, advanced advice but actually ending up in charge of various financial transactions of the Institute including, one must assume from the final disarray and dissociation of many certified intellectuals associated with this project, purchase of consciousness-altering herbs and narcotics for medicinal use during Essalen seminars. (iii)

In a recent email exchange, a male medium from the UK appeared to be channeling or attempting to assert -- among a variety of other systems of divination assembled patchwork -- a profile of learned information from previous channelings of "The Nine" as the characteristic "son of a diplomat from Heliopolis and so on". In this correspondence, a sinister aspect of the malfunction of the classic intuitive/intellective rivalry manifested in violent and bloody descriptions of murder and assault according to allegedly Druidic and/or Mayan systemic paradigms Had anyone followed these suggestions, s/he would have been the victim and/or perpetrator of gross bloody murder by torture in the name of ritual, systemic practice. Although the shamanic correspondent claimed to be an intuitive, it seemed to be an impersonation because the learned systems were applied rigidly and inappropriately to contemporary, spontaneous events. (iv)

Here, let us switch perspectives. For the self-described "shaman" was attempting by force of mind to apply learned, intellective systems to mundane phenomena described in emails by this observer. However, when queried, the individual denied that a professor or advisor was suggesting these systems but admitted he might have taken them from books he had read. In retrospect, it seems that the "shaman"-in classic style of the trickster-may have been deliberately lying. Also, after a bit of objective research on issues brought up by the "shaman" in this correspondence, it seems that he may have been in touch with a global network of partially-intuitive "shamanic" figures who rely on traffic in drugs and other stimulants to enhance their visionary and power-oriented clairvoyant experiences.

"Gray witches" of all nations are famous for this duality over many centuries. These are intuitives aware of the existence of light and darkness, evil and goodness, within the psyche of all individuals. Some of these practitioners also play tricks with opium-laced salves, hashish and other consciousness altering substances to enhance the effect of spells and charms on the target individual. But in actual practice of this "gray witch" tricksterism in the modern day, these would-be sorcerers may also be tricked in turn by the reality of certain mythic creatures they think only to impersonate as a part of induced mutual hallucinations or deceptive humanist scenario cooked up whilst reading too hastily the works of Jung and Freud.


An amusing example of this type of accidental/evidential activation of the literal version of such a mythos occurred during the previously cited correspondence with the deliberately deceptive would-be shaman. The individual had told me that since experiencing a violent assault in a historically significant location in the UK he had been unable to function normally due to preternatural interference with his mental processes and mundane luck. So your present correspondent, acting as intuitive investigator, agreed to find out clairvoyantly what was troubling this person. Perhaps, as he had speculated, he was experiencing an intrusive presence from several centuries previous to his self-described head injury.

In the process of clairvoyantly probing this situation,, I experienced the partial materialization of an eel-like creature on my abdomen as I was lying on a couch in my office space, concentrating on the would-be shaman's dilemma, as stated to me previously by email.

Later, I would learn two items which had been concealed in the original narration and response. This individual's writings have been published by an extremist group with the word "dragon" in the title, and which uses a "dragon" emblem. Also, the historical location of the alleged assault itself has a number of associations with eels as wild life and eels as quaint cuisine. A knowledge of "eel" associations was initially denied by the would-be trickster magician who had requested assistance. For the emphasis was upon "black magick" in the sense of "ancient supernatural" and so on. A brief, literal search on the computer turned up the actual eel references.

So, since I had straightforwardly gone back in time to that location, I straightforwardly got an "eel" semi-materialization. But in my own real lexicon of references and symbols, there is a hand-written letter preserved from my great-grandfather Johnny Johnstone in which he writes of having a mysterious, eel-like manifestation within his belly. The letter was written to my Dad, then about age 12, whimsically encouraging him to go to medical school so that he could diagnose the situation. Another relative, then in his late 70's,who had known Johnny Johnstone as a child told me without prompting that he recalled that his Grandfather "had a snake in his belly."

It is said that voodoo practitioners can cause snakes to materialize inside the bodies of a target individual. But voodoo is not the only ancient shamanic practice which might confer these powers. The would-be trickster shaman often mentioned ancient rune magick and a weird pastiche of Hindu and pseudo-Druidical beliefs involving serpent power.

Could it be that the ancestor of your present correspondent, originally from Scotland but relocated as an adolescent to an area of the Southern United States containing practitioners from the fenlands of the U.K. near Isle of Ely, had been afflicted with the same type of creature which I had somehow conjured by "going back in time" after clairvoyantly traveling to an historical site near London?

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