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This possibility is one example of how the interior logic of the perceiving clairvoyant may be important to parsing an image not completely understood by another person serving as "witness" or objective analyst.

The way in which one gets to the correct present significance from "materialized eel" to "trickster spellbinding" of a hex working or black magickal nature is via specific associations in the mind of the percipient which are not generic. This non-generic information is part of directly learned or otherwise assimilated (as in spoken anecdote or or written narrative) associative memory and is not symbolic. The serpent is literal. In this case, the eel/dragon means itself and not anything else.

At exactly this point in drafting this manuscript into a notebook, I was interrupted in the Magick Mirror office/gallery space by a telephone call from an individual presently resident in a private mental health facility in South Carolina. I had not heard from this individual since October of 2002, when he suddenly contacted me via telephone message machine . I spoke to him briefly on my cell phone from JFK airport just before I boarded the flight to Frankfort, Germany to attend the Frankfort Book Fair in context of research and publicity for my upcoming book: "Doing Business in the Adirondacks: True Tales of the Bizarre and Supernatural", which was not then finally completed.

I do not recall the exact gist of the previous conversation from the airport. The caller was attempting to locate someone at that time but had no specific details about that person other than a name which partly resembled my own name.. I refused to participate in the search for someone who probably did not exist since this "search" seemed also timed to complicate my trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

But while in Frankfort, I would unexpectedly encounter an instance of genuinely paranormal electric power outage, seemingly on cue, in the small tourist town of Rothenberg where I also obtained some historical material for my book then in process. I had not intended to visit that town but the bus trip to the castle I wished to visit was overbooked and I ended up on the Rothenberg tour.

The specific material I found there for my book was on diabolism and criminal justice, archived at the Krimminal Museum in Rothenberg. The electric power outage occurred just as I was about to purchase a set of pewter drinking goblets as a Nordic souvenir. The cash register and in fact the entire store suddenly lost power and I had to leave the Viking drinking cups behind and run to catch the tour van. I found out later that because of unusual customs restrictions on such purchases this would have been an unwise selection to take back through customs. So it seems I was navigated by "lightning chance" in and out of provimity to the "Krimminal Museum".

As a matter of fact, the disturbed individual who had reached me, intuitively or by manipulative prompting, at the airport just prior to my trip to Frankfurt has an obsessive focus on such topics as violence, fascism and apocalyptic aspects of angel magick. I was first contacted by this individual in 1996, when he had been invited to participate by Marshall Applewhite or some member of his staff in the final suicide flight into astral realms by the "Heaven's Gate" group; a quaisi-religious association which had profoundly confused the inner with the outer cosmic reality and were "booking places" for those who wished to travel into the area of the Comet Kahoutek as it approached more closely to Earth's orbit. (v)

Prior to learning that the method of "space travel" had been group suicide, I had a bad feeling about this vesture and advised this individual not to accept this group's invitation to join the approaching comet in cataclysmic space. At that time, this disturbed individual was also offering your humble author a specially selected, priority seat on this group's suicide mission. I was not clear at the time whether he had been prompted by diabolic human connections wishing me to take the suicide flight or was simply somehow plugged into the actual eel/dragon type of demon which in folklore is said to advise the unwary to take trips or undertake projects which are to their own detriment.

There is also, of course, the possible connection here to covert political associations. I also wondered about this aspect in the timing of this individual's call to me just prior to my trip to Frankfort in 2002. For in this individual, as in the individual trickster connected with the eel/dragon manifestations, there exists genuine telepathic ability coupled with the inability to control and analyze perceptions. My book prospectus was publicly scheduled to be displayed in the U.S. Department of Commerce booth at the Frankfurt fair. Had the telepathic mental patient been perhaps prompted by a covert intelligence agency or political group to contact me just as I was leaving for Germany? Or was the prompting from within, truly diabolic or "other-world" intelligence as in my own unexpected induction of the eel /dragon manifestation when probing the allegations of the self-described "shaman" cited earlier in this discussion?


Once again, because the unsolved murder of an individual working in the free energy field of research had occurred on the previous Friday May 15, 2004 (vi) , it seemed in immediate context that the interruption of this caller might have been prompted perhaps by some diabolic or manipulative interest group or individual who arranged for him to use the phone from the private mental institution where he is receiving treatment.

The deceased researcher, Dr. Eugene Mallove, had expressed controversial views on corporate and governmental research ethics. I had received a few death threats by phone message (vii) during the previous six weeks, and was not familiar with Mallove's work but my name is Eugenia Macer-Story and I'd recently placed several papers on a new view of atomic energy structure in refereed journals as well as USPA proceedings. I had canceled just hours previous to the violence in Connecticut an appointment on the following day to meet with a person from White Plains, NY, about artwork he was trying to place for publication. The reason for this cancellation was the odd and insistent behavior of this individual, who told the receptionist at the Magick Mirror gallery that I "must" keep my Saturday afternoon appointment to meet him at my studio in Woodstock. Even before learning of Mallove's death, I had felt threatened by this person, whom I had never met previous to his phoning my business number. What motive or connective might exist connecting two researchers who really did not know each other but might have been linked in the mind of a disturbed individual or extremist, possibly anarchist, organization?

Here a chilling possibility has occurred to this researcher when objectively considering various emails full of associative speculation which were written at the time. Once again employing Occam's razor, it seems that if humanist cynics were trying to "engineer a synchronicity" they might have tried to eliminate two Eugene/ia's with an alternate view of atomic energy within the same twenty-four hour period of time. This would correlate with the cynical exploitation of the "Heaven's Gate" ensemble to perhaps include persons inconvenient to some covert, criminal agenda.

In my capacity as intuitive analyst, I also noticed that the murder had occurred at the "dark of the moon" on May 15, 2004. In my previous experience both with fielding "black magick" attempts and counseling people who have been upset by such practitioners, I have noticed an interesting interplay between human perversity and what appear to be actual spirit, telepathic and psychokinetic events showing the power of negative mental force or spellbinding.

It is possible therefore that the unbalanced individual calling from South Carolina could have been prompted to telephone in the aftermath of this botched evil "synchronicity" in order to see if I might be open to another weird "artistic appointment", just as he was "invited" to participate in the Heaven's Gate suicide "space flight" with a guest. But because of the exact timing of the call, which interrupted the passage I was writing about materialization of the "eel/dragon", this sudden prompting could also have come from some actual spirit entity trying to remind me through the broken window of the unbalanced individual's perceptions that the existence of such creatures is live, volatile and responsive to the thoughts of the interlocutor. For the person who called in "on telepathic cue" to the drafting of this paper had previously been struggling with various violent and irrational concepts which interfere with his ability to negotiate adequately in mundane circumstances.

Also, such paradoxical situations bring into focus the possibility of criminal prompting by diabolic intelligence, real spirit or discarnate entities, not the mechanisms of linked conscious, subconscious and "superconscious" as contemporary humanists may attempt to rationalize.


The "humanists among us", some of them brilliant psychoanalysts and behavioral observers, have made a significant error in understanding the inner mechanisms of the "shamanic" mind. These Humanists are, in essence, the "cargo cult" of modern sorcery and similar explorations into the area of "mind over matter". As the "cargo cults" of remote jungle or island areas believed that modern aircraft they had seen distantly overhead were "gods" or "magical", so ironically the behavioral psychologists will judge only from what they apparently see of human behavior without comprehending the mechanisms behind these behavioral events. This leads in some cases to the amusing situation of an educated person assuming that the alchemical motto "as above//so below" means simply that "if I stick a pin in a doll" then by a process of conscious to superconscious transaction the direct power of the individual "will" creates a wound in the target visualized whilst piercing the pin cushion.

One individual with whom I corresponded about these topics visualizes this "cargo lift" from "above" to "below" as an automatic mental machine shaped somewhat like an infinity sign or mobius loop. But the "cargo cult" behaviorists, noting that this type of hex procedure does not always work, like primitives viewing the magical aircraft overhead, do not comprehend that their self-contained "above/below" machine does not work reliably because one cannot make the "above/below" gearwheels work without the interior engine!!

What, in the case of sorcery and extra-sensory perception, is the engine? In all shamanic systems, this is a link to energy sources and causality outside of the individual Operator's energy system and/or outside of the linked body/mind systems of linked humanist Operators. In significant contrast, one of the "neo-shamanic" cargo cult beliefs is that male and female (in sexual union, literal or psychological) will automatically create a "current of energy polarity" which accomplishes magical feats!

Here, perhaps, we should call for comic relief! The problem with this humanist "sex magic for the millions" concept is simply that if this 'polarity" mechanism was actually very reliable the average condominium apartment building or similar residential development would continually be manifesting general levitation, transformation of the shape of the premises, spontaneous metal bending and spontaneous combustion as a matter of course since all the residents are engaging regularly in their own improvised versions of sexual intercourse.

Invoking Occam's razor here, the fact that such effects in apartment buildings shared by families and other adult residents do not generally happen with great regularity means that actual "mind over matter", clairvoyance and sorcery involve some added component beyond facile humanist versions of analytic "alchemical" sexuality and individual acts of sheer "will".

In fact, I am convinced through direct experience with a number of people who are sensitive that the raw, intuitive communications factor over rides mundane characteristics, including gender. This is a focus of attention exactly as when concentrating on any other task or idea. An appropriate analogy is simply that one does not drive the car with the genitals but perhaps for the purpose of reaching or impressing a potential lover. This is an important distinction. Because one can also drive the car (by analogy: use the psi intuitive faculty) for other purposes as well.

Certain of the mistakes I have observed in two person divination with "intuitive hooked to analyst" are in this area of superficially misjudging communications behavior of the intuitive individual (male or female) simply on the basis of cultural presuppositions about what men and women customarily do or represent socially.

One example of this type of confusion occurred in context of an experiment with out of the body (OOB) communication in which I participated with the late Karlis Osis at the American Society for Psychical Research in New York. Direct realization of this type of misunderstanding has become rather important to my work but not in the way which might originally have been expected.

The situation was simply that I was to travel OOB from my own apartment-then located in Hoboken, N.J.--to the offices of the ASPR, describing what I experienced along the way. I lay down on the floor near a glass-topped coffee table and willed myself to be OOB. I was holding a tape recorder to give my impressions--as was the protocol for the Karlis Osis experiments. Soon I was in a strange place. It was opaque and difficult to move. Egad!! I was IN the glass of the coffee table, which I had forgotten was there beside my body lying on the floor. I became frightened and unsure how to get out of the coffee table. I later heard my voice on the tape saying: "Where am I! O...What do you want me to DO? What do you want me to DO?"

I managed to leave the coffee table and return to full, normal consciousness. Then I realized the paradox--which negates all research done this way as being simply OOB!! If I was out of my body, how could my voice have been audible on the tape recorder as speaking those questions?" I was NOT out of my body but in a trance state still able to speak through my vocal mechanism.

There is more. I then decided to go clairvoyantly to the office of Karlis Osis, taking note of landmarks along the way. I simply sat quietly and traveled mentally, seeing among other items stone sculptures of animal heads which turned out to be the gargoyles on the building opposite the ASPR. Osis was a bit irritated by this tactic and denied there were any animal sculptures nearby. Later, in the ASPR offices, I noticed the gargoyles across the street with great satisfaction.

I had not been fully out of my body in either instance but had retained memory and vocal function oriented toward normal sensory descriptive analogs. So there is some concern that extreme sensory or drug alteration of the body/brain mechanism will distort any so-called OOB experiences rather than enhancing same simply because in order to accurately articulate what we may have experienced beyond the ordinary, local sensory mechanism we must have the information retrieval mechanism (body/brain system) in tune as an anchor. Zen practice teaches this protocol. The better we know ourselves the clearer we are on blending with and perceiving the cosmos accurately.

Dr. Karlis Osis, at the time he received the tape indicating my confusion at being out and in the body at the same time, wrote a note saying: "You do not know what you want." I took this to be a Freudian sexual innuendo as it is a common mistake in humanist psychical research that the intuitive is bursting with sexual desire for the frustrated analyst-but does not fully "realize" this situation. Maybe adolescent children can be reliably flim-flammed with this assertion but a divorced woman in mid-thirties with an eleven year old child and a lover living across the street (as was my situation at that time) is not going to be radically moved by the assertion that her "real" desire in being confused by going out of body into the coffee table while still talking on the tape recorder was unrealized sexual passion. Recall that Karlis Osis also failed to recognize the stone gargoyles across the street from his office window as "nearby stone statues".

I think it is safe to make the judgment at this distance in time that Osis was perceiving largely from within a systemic framework which was extremely, almost religiously, important to him as an individual. He was not accurately registering the mundane facts of the surrounding cosmos, including the actual material situation of the experimental subject and the mundane view of buildings in the neighborhood. This opinion is stated without malice. There is no possible damage to the career of Karlis Osis as he died some years ago. The purpose of this narration is to advance shared knowledge of the intuitive and extra-sensory functions. Here, the intuitive is "reviewing" the performance of the analyst and is finding it incomplete.


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