PhoeniX-Files: Eugenia Macer-Story: Clairvoyant Investigator

Eugenia Macer-Story is an author, poet/playwright and director who has also received recognition internationally for her visual art.

Her Magick Mirror Communications endeavor began as a Bicentennial project in 1975-76 in Salem, Massachusetts, has traveled as a store-happening through a number of intermediate locations, and is now located in midtown Manhattan in the Broadway renovation area.

E. Macer-Story is also a practicing clairvoyant and mental magician and is featured in the recent "Esoteric Guide to New York". She has written several non-fiction books on the supernatural and UFO contact, most recently the well reviewed "Doing Business in the Adirondacks: True Tales of the Bizarre and Supernatural".

She is also academically trained, with a B.S. in Communications from Northwestern University and a M.F.A. in playwriting from Columbia University. Her neo-physics writings about real technical aspects of ESP and psychokinesis have been published internationally in refereed technical publications. Over 15 of her plays have been produced off-off Broadway and in other avante guarde locations around the world. She has done clairvoyant "astral portraits" for Theater For The New City Halloween benefits since 1977.

Her most recent poetry chapbook "The Merry Piper's Hollow Hills" is available through along with other recent books on the supernatural. Her recently re-issued novel "Struck By Green Lightning AKA Project Midas" is now available through and/or:

Eugenia Macer-Story is one of the most talented, original and intuitive individuals I have ever met; in her own words:

"Actually, I am a spy for the future in noting down this maze of occult and overt interconnections and I do hope my work will be accessed and understood as a 'demo model' of how the individual consciousness exists within a nexus of subtle and time-variable causalities. Perhaps these perplexing areas of the universe wherein time-space folds in about itself in inexplicable ways will eventually be described by 'technical' systems which are associative and 'pattern-matching' rather than strictly linear and numerically keyed by integers in repeating decimal system. Witches and wizards of all persuasions have long known by experience that the formative energy they seek to control in activating 'magical' results operates by associative patterning rather than quantitative measuring. The 'measuring' often found as part of traditional spell-casting is actually a way of locking into process a formula for ritual, patterned action."


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